How We Do It


Our knowledge in the leisure and entertainment industry combined with extensive research and sound understanding of the market/location of the Client’s project is what differentiates us from our competitors and offers our clients a successful project.

Master Planning

Master Planning is the first important step for any project. It dictates the design development process and defines the success of any leisure & entertainment project. The master plan will account for all the project elements from initial feasibility, and investment planning to reality, including Front of House and Back of House requirements, as well as circulation, the flow of services, and project infrastructure.

3D Visualization to Detailed Design

Once the master plan and concept design for the project have been approved, it is time to realize design schematics and detailed design for each component thus converting the investor’s dream into reality, keeping in mind the approved project budget and the operational efficiency needed for the project to be successful for many years after its opening. Our technical design & specification ensures the details are right, and our design translates into reality seamlessly.

Rides and Attractions Theming

Designing a Family Entertainment Center and indoor attraction is part of our DNA. Offering practical solutions to facilitate breathtaking experiences is a big part of designing a fun destination. We precisely know what works in FEC & attraction design, and we ensure you get the very best in creativity, layout, specification, and especially theming. We create new FECs and re-imagine existing estate too. Our graphics team puts brand strategy on par with the interior concept to establish a keen synergy between the brand and the leisure location.

Playful Learning and Edutainment Concepts

Edutainment, the often-used buzzword, has to live up to its meaning by being educational yet being highly entertaining. In today’s world, where the young and old are subject to rapid changes in ideas and technologies daily, edutainment concepts need to engage the player and thus grab their attention over periods. Our concepts are refreshingly universal, basic yet timeless for the mental and physical development of children of all age groups. Real-life tasks, challenges, and activities are performed in a fun-filled and rewarding environment through a ‘hands-on’ approach and creative abilities that help children nurture their motor skills and enhance mind-engagement parameters.

Graphic Design & Brand Development

Our creative branding services include precisely what’s necessary to bring a Leisure & Amusement brand alive at the consumer’s level and pave the path for larger secondary revenue streams, partnerships, and franchise opportunities. Right from your Project name to logos, mascots, exterior and interior graphics, signage, wayfinding totems, uniforms, branded stationery, and merchandise, we create a strong brand identity that reflects the design concept, stature, and positioning of the project. We add essence and impact to your brand and make it resonate with the market it is located within.